September 5, 2010

A new Day...

Evoking the feeling of fall...
The other day I visited the brand new Day Home store in Aarhus, and was able to see and touch some of these beautiful pillows! The colors are so pretty, and with fall just around the cornor, I could have been tempted to buy one of each!! But, both my mother and I fell in love with a pretty little black box, ingraved with a delicate design, and kept closed with a little piece of horn.... We did not buy it, but one never knows what might happen before I leave :)

Continuing with the fall theme, this bedroom has been dressed in fall colors, ever so slightly...
Notice the pretty moss green velvet pillows on the bed, as well as the bench at the end of the bed, upholstred in the same velvet.

Have a cozy evening!


Image #1 Day Home, photo by Ditte Isager, Image #2 via Traditional Home

1 comment:

  1. The bed looks great;)
    Thank you for your comment, your advice;)
    I will try some things.
    Stay tuned;)

    Lovely greetings and a nice start into the next week...


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