September 28, 2010

House with a History

Interior Designer Kirsten Jersild lives in this old yellow house, in fact, she is the third (!) generation of her family to live here....

Old and new, classic and classics mingle in perfect harmony!
Black Vico Magistretti table and black Bestlite lamps are perfect companions in an all white space!
... And the picture wall warms up the space beautifully.

This old table, with it's peeling paint, is from Gotland in Sweden, and the chairs date back to the 1700's! Not only do I love the patina of these furniture pieces, but also how this area mixes so well with the modern black coffee table in the same room!

What a space for the tub!!!! Love that black, matte floor....

The re-done kitchen has the original fireplace; currently two beautiful, presumably french, church candelabras are displayed. At the end of the bright and light filled kitchen, is a door leading in to the owners sleeping quarters....

Not only was the dark, exposed  wood wall a surprise to me... it's almost rustic, and then again not... Beautifully edited antiques and a crystal chandelier to boot!

Perfect spot for the Louis XVI tall mirror! So simple and effective, not jut using the mirror for it's reflective surface, but showcasing the beauty of the mirror itself.

Ending this house tour with another beautiful moment. Love the contrast; dark and light, curves and straight edges, matte and shiny... Very, very pretty!

Interesting thought....
So few people have houses, that stay in their families for this long, but tell me; Why would you ever want to leave?


All images by Birgita Wolfgang Drejer for Bolig Magazinet


  1. White cabinets are favorites. Even I have also furnished mine house with white cabinets. It is great history that Her third generation live here. House is still look like better and sharper. It is really big deal.

  2. These all pictures which you can share over here is really very great. These all are really one of the great history that all are great to know about it.


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