September 26, 2010

Cafe Life; Copenhagen Style

Remember this post?

While recently visiting Cafe Europa in Copenhagen, I took a few notes, wanting to convey the fantastic atmosphere of the place. I hope you enjoy my little "mood board"....

I am enjoying a late afternoon lunch, the waitress is talking about some tourists sitting outside - not knowing I am listening - "Two minutes and they will get up, figuring out it's too windy". Well let me tell you; It's forever windy in Denmark! I got prime realty, window seat and inside! My lunch was great; Real dark Rugbroed with smoked salmon, the coffee was super and the water cold! (In Florida the water is always luke warm...)  The service was good and with a friendly smile... I can tell the girl is not quite sure of what to make of me, as I write the notes for this post, she looks on curiously, but didn't ask any questions. The quintessential cafe chairs are lined up outside, as little soldiers, 37 + tables, and all but one free. At the very end of the row, where there is a sliver of sunshine sits a couple of die-hards! Cozy blankets are thrown over the backs of some of the chairs, a typical sign of fall!

Inside I am sipping my second latte. The floor is this great dark wood parquet, large windows between the exposed granite columns, worn leather seat cushions and flickering candles on each table. Great atmosphere and fantastic people watching!! Both the guys and the girls look chic; one guy is leaving, his suit is slim and he is tying a long scarf around his neck.... As I am sitting there, looking at everyone; tourists with there cameras, art school students sketching away, moms walking with their strollers, one girl stands out. She is apparently waiting for someone, as she is pacing the plaza. She is wearing tight skinny black jeans, saddle leather tall boots, very cool kimono style, fair island sweater, her blond her in a loose chignon, slightly windblown, dark sunglasses and a large oversize bag on her shoulder!

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, even if I did sit there a little longer than normal, taking it all in....


Image #1 via Flickr, Image #2 unknown


  1. It's always nice to take time-out to enjoy and reflect on our surroundings and that latte looks AMAZING! xoxoxo ~Ashley

  2. Love that place, as it was one of the first cafès I went to in Copenhagen (when I was a great deal younger). Since then I´ve discovered many new places, but cafe Europa works as a referancepoint in the citycentre :)

  3. are right, I too have discovered many new places in Copenhagen for coffee, through the years, but I always tend to go back to Europa.... Nostalgia, perhaps?


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