September 10, 2010

Life & Work

During Copenhagen Fashion Week Malene Birger launched not only a new collection, but also a new book!

Life & Work; Malene Birger's Life in Pictures. The book is a collection of fantastic images from Malene Birger's two homes in Copenhagen, as well as two homes on Mallorca.

Many of her own black and white abstract paintings are included in the book.....

.... and during a fashion show, Malene Birger's clothing is on display, but so is her art work!

When visiting Copenhagen, you must visit her flagship store! It's fantastic, could have spent lots of cash in there; Ballerina shoes with tiny metal studs, comfy knitted cardigans, leather bags and clutches, cool jewelery! .... I was good .... I only walked out with the book :) Never mind that it's over two hundred-some pages & weighs a ton!

Check out this post on one of Malene Birger's homes, featured here on Northern Light earlier this year.

I walked around København for two days in my black boots, determined to blend in, but had to wear my dreaded sneakers the last day.... lot's of walking in Copenhagen, so be prepared!


Book Cover Image Via TeNeues.


  1. Ohhhh, I love Malene Birge's style! And the book is really more like a bible ;-)
    I had it delivered two weeks ago and I'm inhaling it every day. So much inspiration!
    Enjoy your stay in the world's most beautiful city! Have you already been to The Royal Cafe? And did you visit the Karen Blixen-Museum? Can't wait to visit Copenhagen again...
    Thank you for a wonderful blog!

  2. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for leaving a comment, very much appriciated!!!

    The Royal Cafe; Stepped in, took a peak around, too many turists (sorry)! I was much more interested in the floral shop in the courtyard, soooo cool, did you see?
    Karen Blixen; not this time, have been there while living in CPH...

    Hope you check back in from time to time!!
    Thank you.

  3. Im looking forward to getting this book, thanks for this link! :)))


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