November 22, 2010

American Beauty

Woke up this morning full of anticipation..... Being part of the Late Night Crew on Friday night, Crystal had send out a blog post that Monday morning the new rue magazine would hit the virtual newsstand, and I could hardly wait!

Beautiful images and lovely stories (have not read the whole issue just yet), I am looking forward to spending a little quality time with rue, perhaps this evening.

Of course I flipped through the entire issue, and the article about Windsor Smith "American Beauty" will be the one I will be reading first, as I totally adore her interiors!!!!!

I just grabbed this image from rues new Gallery because of the lamp base and the Hermes belt.... I know, it's very shallow, but for those of you who have kept up with Northern Light will know I have a slight infatuation with the Hermes logo! It must be because of my two last names as both start with the letter H.....  Hope you have a quiet moment to curl up, rue does not disappoint, check it out here!

Have a great week every one,

Images courtesy of rue

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  1. Lovely design...I can't wait to see! xoxoxo


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