November 10, 2010

Is this perfect?

.... so, I was thinking, this is the perfect solution for so many people!!

An ottoman you can throw your legs up on, a soft spot for your feet to rest.... If kids are involved, there are no hard corners, and it's the perfect height!

Further more, the space for the tray, within the tufted ottoman, is so close to perfection... Why didn't anyone thing of this before?? Now your tea wont hit the floor, and your flowers and books will have a spot to sit on!

Do you agree? Great or not-so-great? That's the question of the day!


Image origin unknown


  1. Sooo perfect! And I love the orange pillows! XX!

  2. A good idea ... love anything tufted, always seems to add a touch of class.
    Suzy xxx


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