November 5, 2010

Too Pretty!

I was just introduced to this FAN.TAS.TIC home by Helena, and just had to go take a peek for myself here... Please join me in drooling over this apartment, I am blown away by it's beauty, high ceilings and period detailing!! JUST Gorgeous!!!!

Beautiful old building in Sweden...

Besides the high ceilings, the traditional fireplace, the light filled room, the beautiful doors and the stucco..... notice how the items in the book case have been arranged from light to dark ;)

SO pretty!!!!!! I want one..... Love the white on white.

Beautiful ceilings with rose medallion stucco.

Oh yeah, you could find me here, reading a wonderful interior design book!

But really.... I would probably spend a lot of time lounging here, just enjoying the view through the apartment...

Notice the moulding and the panel work... FAN.TAS.TIC!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Images via Alvhem Makleri


  1. Thank-you for visiting my blog! I'm happy to find yours as well...beautiful info that I look forward to following.

    Come back and visit anytime :-)

  2. Oh I LOVE this home;)
    Could imagine to live there.
    Lovely greetings...


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