November 17, 2010

Starting THE LIST...

I know, I know, it's almost too early to start The List, don't you think?
I just could not help myself when I heard that this book just hit the stores.....

The cover is so cute, and made me think of a mood board right away.... and don't we all LOVE to look at other peoples inspirations?

 I admit to loving this shot, originally used for a Kate Spade ad....

OK, so where's the party? Did I miss anything?? LOVE pink peonies and confetti!

... and as we all know; Every girl MUST have a little sparkle!!

I can just imagine having one of those days, and just looking through this book will transport you away to a happy place! I am sure of it!! Putting it on my list :)

Did you start your list?


Images via Pink Lemonade Design

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