November 30, 2010

Exciting Book Release

Remember this post? Well, it led to this short book review....

.... and soon I will post a review on the newly finished book by Iben & Niels Ahlberg, "Visit Visit; Kunst & Karisma".
("Art and Charisma")

I have done a little research on this book, prior to it's release on December 1st. We will be entering the world of 8 homes filled with art! Not only an interior decorating book, but "Interior Design as Art".

When one of the featured homeowners, Chresten Rud, said "Eclectic Living.... living with elements from different cultures, different styles and different time periods... making it all work together cohesively" , it makes me want to see his digs, as I am sure they are outrageous....or maybe not ;)

This image is from Chresten's store Couch, located North of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Such fantastic use of color!! The painting is by the top contemporary Thai artist Attasit Pokpong.

Attasit Pokpong lives in Bangkok with his wife, he exhibits all over the world, and is booked two years in advance!! He is all about the facial expression.... His paintings are easily recognisable, often it's just the lips that have "real" color, as in the two images above.

A peek inside the artists studio.

"Boy in a Yellow Shirt" and "Young Girl" hanging side by side.

If you would like to know more about Attasit Pokpong or see more artwork, Tusk Gallery has a large selection.

Check back to read the book review, I am told there is an English version (text inset), for those of you who do not read Danish :) !


Image #1 & #2 via Visit Visit, Image #3 - #5 via Tusk Gallery

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