November 24, 2010

Party Time!!

Come on...send out that party invitation!
Pick a color "that's you" and stick with it!
Use this color in every thing you do....

Look around you, since you picked Your Color I bet you have accessories in your home already in that color?! Gather your "stuff" and start arranging...
Look, even a book cover can become part of the decoration. (I find that often the spine of the book is a different color than the rest of the cover, so take a second look around, you might be surprised to find more in Your Color).

Greet your guests with the cocktail of the evening, which of cause you have planned to work with Your Color, right?? Right!

Look how little it takes; a few ornaments in Your Color, a throw on the back of the chair.... Make food and drink stations around your home, that way not everyone ends up in the kitchen :)!
Don't sweat the small stuff, you already have what you need in your house, you just need to look at it with a fresh eye!!

Have a fun time at The Party!


PS. For all American readers of NORTHERN LIGHT; I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Thank you for taking the time to visit Northern Light, I truly appreciate your time and comments :)

Images via Style At Home


  1. How beautiful Natasha. So simple yet so effective! I feel the need to plan a party. xx

  2. Natasha, thank you for your friendship and encouragement....To a wonderful year ahead!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Art by Karena

  3. Just heavenly, Natasha - my favourite colour! Thanks so much for sharing! J x

  4. Sounds like a really gorgeous party! Enjoy the Thanksgiving! Kellie xx

  5. I love the idea of using a non-traditional color for holiday entertaining. I also LOVE the idea of using what you have. Too often people get all worked up when entertaining and don't end up enjoying themselves.


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