January 14, 2011

I'm a fan of Seafans!!

Have we not all drooled over the India Hicks book ISLAND LIFE? I know I have, and I especially remember this image, I find the white - on white - on white interesting! Her logo with the H's is so cool!! And I really like the gilded chair with the white linen upholstery, but what always catches my eye, is the upside down sea fan... Love that pop of coral. How pretty!

Next time I go snorkeling I will look for one.... Of cause it's a HUGE NO-NO to take anything away from a live reef, but sometimes these come loose, and can be found floating or washed up, look out!!

This beautiful black fan looks so cool against the white background, and the black frame just pops! If you look really closely, you can see all the tiny little "branches", acting as netting.

This image of sea fans is from Island Home, the store featured here.

So, are you a FAN yet??


Image #1 Island Life, Image #2 via Brabourne Farm, Image #3 Island Home

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  1. So am I Natasha...I posted one recently too, found it at TJ Maxx and it's lovely. Love them...drop by for a visit...Dawn Suitcase Vignettes.. by the way, I did not know that they were called seafans...thanks. xx


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