August 19, 2011

Cashmere at it's best...

J.Crew went to St. Petersburg, Russia, to photograph their fall cashmere collection. They descended on the beautiful ballerinas of the Mariinsky & Yakobson dance schools...
Beautifully choreographed, don't you think?

The light, the ballerinas, the cashmere sweaters... all so beautifully captured!

While we are in the heat of summer I am thinking cashmere might not be such a bad thing, but then again, it never was ;)! I am lucky to have a few yummy sweaters and cherish the one or two cool-enough day(s), where I get to wear them. The rest of the time I have them stored in a cotton bag on my shelf. I was once told that moths are picky eaters and that they do not eat cotton, so my sweaters should be safe!

From Russia with Love!


All images via J. Crew


  1. This is so pretty, what an inspired idea. I love ballerinas, am fascinated by them. Love this whole concept, and loooove cashmere. Nothing like it.

  2. Beautiful. On storing sweaters - add lavender sachets to your storage bags. Equally good at repelling moths, but smells so much better than the old moth balls of our grandparent's generation. Promise - I'm a knitter and this is a tried and true method for protecting a yarn stash!


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