August 24, 2011

Vintage Bahamas!

When visiting the newly restored Dunmore Beach Club on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, this charming little reception pavilion is where you start your journey...
The Beach Club has been given an overhaul by designer Amanda Lindroth, bringing the property back to its early 1960's roots, complete with vintage photos and lots and lots of island-y rattan and wicker!

This exterior porch has been reworked as a bar and lounge area, complete with louvered windows (good for tropical breezes). The graphic fabric on the ottoman and the bar stools is Petite Zig Zag in New Brown from China Seas. The pillow fabric is Melong Batik in Brown, also from CS. These fabrics have been used throughout the property. It gives the furniture a cohesive, natural look, complimenting all the rattan and wicker, making sure the furniture looks substantial and not cheap.
Pay attention to another detail; the light fixtures in the bar are Bahamian baskets that have been fitted as lampshades, a detail that has been repeated throughout the property as you will see.

Without actually having visited myself, I must admit this dining room corner is my absolute favorite spot! LOVE the Tangerine color used, so fresh! LOVE the vintage posters and photos! And what a great idea painting one or two frames in the accent color, totally makes them pop!! (This trick could easily be used in your own home!)

Notice the great attention to detail; Napkins have a pattern in the same Tangerine color! The same light fixture as in the bar is hanging above the tables... and the Tangerine sash on the little Bahamian statue on the top shelf.

Sometimes you just need a place to sit and somewhere to hang your straw hat... Rattan piece upholstered in the same China Seas fabric as seen throughout the property. Gotta love those big hats, a sophisticated beach look, especially in the tropics where the sun is super strong!

The Cabana Bath...
Now it does not get much more beach-y, or prettier, than this; Island Living at its best!!!

 A sneak peak into one of the guest cottages, reveal crisp white sheets, an Indian Quilt by John Robshaw Textiles and furniture upholstered in China Seas Island Ikat in Pale Aqua. The braided sea grass headboard can be found here.

This Tangerine color is used throughout the property, and while it reads a little more on the coral side for me, I know where designer Amanda Lindroths inspiration has come from.... Not only the inside glossy color of the conch shell, but also from Palm Beach where she grew up. This is a color that is widely used in Palm Beach, from stucco to flowers to paint.

Nassau-based designer Amanda Lindroth sitting pretty in the tropical interiors she has (re)created so beautifully. The Dunmore Beach Club has been infused with crisp white backdrop, layered with natural colors and textures and brought to life with colors found in the surrounding landscape; coral, green, natural and let's not forget the most amazing turquoise.

The original aqua and white cabanas are a trademark of The Dunmore Beach Club, since 1963... By the way; The Beach Club is named after Lord Dunmore, the first Governor of the Bahamas.

Now that I have tempted you to seek out this restored Beach Club, you can get your reservation here.
Enjoy yourself :)


All images photographed by Tria Giovan, for Coastal Living.


  1. oh my, that last photo makes me dreamy!

  2. Stunning - love the whole Bahamas look and style, the colours are amazing and that wonderful relaxed beachy lifestyle. I adore it.

  3. What a delightful place! Definitely what dreams are made of :) Abbey x

  4. What a fabulsou place! I love the use of orange with black and white - totally yum!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful house tour. I am in the mood of a Caribbean holiday now..!!

    x Charlotta
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