August 10, 2011

Shell Shock

I came across this beautiful image the other day; what caught my eye was the striking color of the Limpet shells... this fantastic turquoise color, in all the different variations. This image really show how a few simple shells can make a big impact, don't you think?

Limpets do not only come one shade, there are also White versions and Pink versions (they are sub tidal) as well as Grey and Brown versions (that are an intertidal species). And guess what... you can actually eat them! They are sought to be a delicacy in both Hawaii and Portugal! Have you ever tried one of these??

OK, so you might not want to eat these little guys, but appreciating their beauty, that we can all agree on, right? What about using the shells in artwork?

I see this as a wonderful DIY project for all you shell collectors out there!! Get your self set up with a shadow box frame, a glue gun and some of these beautiful shells and go to town. I suggest measuring out the space first and marking where to place the shells.... but that's just the designer in me :)

Depending on how may shells you have collected, or the size of them, decide on the size of your frame.

Hope this has inspired you to use some of those shells you have collected over the summer?!
But if you - like me - have not had a beach vacation, but want a little beach decor anyhow, a few of these beautiful Shells in Shadows can be purchased here.

Have fun!

Image #1 & #2 via Google search, Image #3 & #4 Via Shells in Shadows


  1. You had me at hello Natasha - that colour is divine. Might have to paint some watercolour studies of these one day....! K xx

  2. Beautiful colour... very photogenic!


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