August 23, 2011


Rumor has it we are in for a bad hurricane (Irene) this week, so a small break in blogging will probably happen as I need to concentrate on securing my house...

Looks like Hurricane Irene is taking a more easterly course, so we should be good!

I have been slowly starting to prepare the last couple of days, not wanting to panic, nor wanting to get caught in the supermarket stampede, fighting for the last couple of necessities either! So for those of you who have not been through a storm like this before; there is a lot of prep work involved! Don't really want to bore you with the long list....

If you are in the Bahamas, STAY SAFE, as you will be getting the brunt of this storm!
...that is it for now: See you later!


PS. I have come to really like the day before a hurricane, as it's often sunny, quiet, not too hot and windy. LOVE when it's windy in Florida! Sometimes I go to the beach to see the huge waves roll in with the dark clouds in the horizon... Beautiful!
The Clam Before the Storm, for sure.

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  1. Oh no, this sounds scary...I must read up on what needs to be done if one comes near st Petersburg.
    Do you move all your things from the garden indoors?

    Keep safe!

  2. YES! You must move everything into a sheltered area such as a garage if you have one. Things that "fly" during a hurricane are the most dangerous, as they often are projectiles... VIP to be informed, there are Hurricane guides (pick one up in the supermarket) or go on-line and read up on this, there are also check list's out there, get one of those as well! Take care of you and your family!
    (this hurricane will most likely not affect you over there, but just in case)

  3. Loved your latte comment on my blog!

    Also love it when someone new comments and it turns out that they have a beautiful blog which I'm happy to follow ;-)

  4. PS. I hope that hurricane behaves! Sounds scary.

  5. good luck with the storm! great blog! i love the house beautiful pictures! check us out!

  6. omg Natasha, keep safe. never been in a hurricane but planning to go to Cancun next month... hope we're lucky... thanks for your comment about the leather skirt... isn't it gorgeous? want it so bad... xo

  7. Good heavens. I hope you will all be safe and that the hurricane won't be too destructive.

    Stay indoors and look after yourself. We'll be waiting for you at the other end.

    x Charlotta
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