August 2, 2011

Gates of Palm Beach.

A while back I was tempting you with an image of a beautiful facade, clad in the softest of pale pink flowers, promising more images to follow.... well, here they are!

Ever since my very first stay at a friends house on the island of Palm Beach, I have been fascinated by the homes, the gardens and the sheer volume (you'll see) of the hedges and the landscaping. I live not far from this place, but visit far to seldom. I truly enjoy spending a day in Palm Beach, but while there is world class shopping, I would rather drive around looking at all the beautiful (not all) homes, and the fantastic (all) gardens! I have said it before; the landscaping is impeccable!!

The easy way would be to fill these "pages" with images of homes, one bigger than the other... BUT, as you can see, I have chosen to show you The Gates of Palm Beach. Since The Island is not gated in itself, tourist of all sorts, even those living locally ;), can drive by.
I find the mystique of "what lies beyond" so fascinating, don't you?

Wouldn't you love a peak behind this door, even if it's just looking through the window??

There are iron gates, wood gates, small gates & tall gates. Gates you can see through, gates you wish you could see through (!!!), gates that have been there for a while and almost hidden side gates and of cause gates for The Help.

The hedges surrounding the homes are for the most part taller than the gates, and do a great job of keeping prying eyes out.

And then there are the gates that have been strategically placed; beautiful bougainvillea and palms, but you still do not get to really see anything :)

Even the skill set of the Gardner is tested... check out this perfectly trimmed circle in the back, finishing the half moon of the iron gate to perfection!

... and what about this? Just one of many tall, green and handsome hedges, keeping privacy at a max and keeping the landscape people busy for hours!!!

Ahhh, the Blue Door!

My favorite... Hope you enjoyed this little Garden Gate post!


All images NHH for the Northern Light Blog (if you borrow, please link back! Thank you)


  1. That cream rectangular gate is a dream!

  2. I love the third last one with the herringbone bricks. Very elegant! PS Thanks for all your enthusiasm & support with my blogs - you have been truly great Natasha and it's always appreciated!


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