August 7, 2011

Living large in a small space!

Check out this very cool, but small home, located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Great way to bring a little color to an all white space, and gaining valuable storage space at the same time! I really like the worn leather chairs; the warmth of the leather against the cool chrome....

This is how you do it! Art wall at it's best...
Keeping it black and white, mixing frames and sizes. Great job!!

A peak out to the small outdoor space, extending the living space.

Taking full advantage of the summer and the green space, this little oasis is living large!!


All images via Skona Hem


  1. I have been noticing smaller homes being featured throughout magazines, online, home decor shows, etc. and I love this....we bought a 2 bdrm, 1 bth home and their is five of us and we are figuring out how a 1400 sq. ft. home can accomodate us so wonderfully! Have a lovely week Natasha =) Xoxoxo

  2. Love, love love! White floors always provide the perfect backdrop for ANY style of decor... (sigh)...
    Thanks for sharing Natasha!

  3. There is a 'Lovely Blog Award' for you on Thanks for being such an enthusiastic follower. The details are on my blog.
    Melissah (Scrapbook)

  4. so happy i stumbled onto your blog from tine k's blog :)
    this is a beautiful in spiring space. love to follow along


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