January 23, 2012

It's a Nice Day for a White...

... Wedding (Shower)! (Love that Billy Idol song, remember?)

As promised, here are a few images from this weekends Wedding Shower! It was SO MUCH FUN to plan, and I am very pleased about the outcome as well, but you be the judge....

The setting was spectacular; We set up the table at the end of the garden, under a large tree with the lake as a backdrop. The weather was wonderful, warm and with a slight breeze in the early hours, and a little windy in the afternoon.... We used two huge white damask tablecloths, white (rented) chairs, turquoise plates*, turquoise linen napkins with white embroidery and the decoration down the middle of the table were tiny white orchids in clay pots. (I covered the clay pots in plain white tissue paper and tied a bow with a thin turquoise ribbon).

A work in progress... In the large tree shading the table, we hung white paper lanterns. This idea proved to be far more encompassing than anticipated, as the lawn slopes towards the lake, so... scaling the tree was the only option!

Almost there.... we used five different size lanterns, and when we were done with all eighteen of them it looked really pretty!! .... this is about half way through :)

Closer to the house, in the shade, we set up the food table, complete with this little swan, dutifully holding up three more small white orchids. Some may recognize this planter from Anthropology a while back...

The beautiful and sweet Bride-to-be, looking stunning in her coral and white. Everyone else were wearing white from head to toe, and she was asked to wear coral...

... more white orchids :) They were given out as party favors, so everyone could be reminded of what a beautiful day it had been!! The colorful painting is an original, painted by the owner of the house, and a perfect pop of color to an otherwise all white party!

We did have just a little color, but it all came from the food... in this case the colorful macaroons, perched high on the most gorgeous, white, milk-glass, pedestal cake stand. They tasted as good as they look, and were quickly gone :)

And by now you know I just can not walk by a hibiscus flower without snapping a picture...

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek, we had a wonderful day! We couldn't have asked for better weather, better company or a sweeter person to honor! 

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Christie, you and Nathan are perfect for each other!!!!


All images NHH for the Northern Light Blog

*(I picked those (the plates) up at Pottery Barn a few summers back, and when they went on clearance, I picked up a bunch more... 16 in total to be exact)


  1. It all looks stunning and Christie will be a beautiful bride, how exciting! Best wishes for the upcoming wedding :) xo Kirsty

  2. Natasha What a lovely setting and beautiful shower!! I love the palette of turquoise and white!


    Art by Karena

  3. Natasha its absolutely devine, I'm booking you in for my next party, love it to bits xx

  4. Wauw, hvor er det flot! Ideen med træet er da super hyggelig. Kan lige forestille mig det i tusmørke. M

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful styling...it looks simply stunning...my favourite colours...
    Tania Maree xx

  6. Oh, it looks so perfect! Lovely!
    Where is this place by the way?

    Greetings from

  7. Hi all.. thank you for all the kind words!

    Tibs... the place is in South East Florida, between Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

  8. What a beautiful decorating job you did, Natasha! Love it!

  9. WOW Natasha absolutely stunning! So clean and pretty - and those orchids are to die for. You're right... I might just have to paint one of these! Beautifully done Pip xx


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