January 9, 2012

California Modern

... with an entrance like this, don't you just just want to peak behind that gate??
You are in luck... follow me on a quick home tour!

 Great outdoor space, makes inside / outside living easy... and with a facade of glass, lots of natural light gets in, making the home bright and cheerful.

The home is full of wonderful modern furniture classics and pops of color here and there to breaking up the all white space.

Stone floors and heigh ceilings keep the home cool, open plan living keeps the eye moving and opens the space, blurring the fine line between the inside and outside, visually extending the living space.

What is your thought on the multi colored chairs?? How fun is that... !

Check out this bathroom... LOVE all the light bouncing around! Waking up in the morning would be a delight... :) Pretty cool natural elements, and that picture window is not too shabby either.

Why not hang artwork outside?? I am not totally sold on the bright green color chosen for the upholstery here, but in keeping with the rest of the home, I guess it works... Your thoughts?

On the other hand; LOVE the color of the pool!! A cross between emerald green and turquoise makes it really "fit in". I am so used to seeing light turquoise pools here in Florida, this is more my style... and I don't even have my own pool...

So, did you like this home? I would love to live there, looks like a great home!! I would probably be spending most of the time outside, what about you??


Images via ALT

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  1. I just love that entrance area/walkway and the colourful chairs! So fun!


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