January 1, 2012

Two Year Blog Anniversary!!

Cupcakes for everyone!!!! 

Today marks the second blog anniversary for Northern Light, YEAH! 
... and what better way than to celebrate with a little girl-y fun, mixed with some sparkles ?!

As we all know, everyone deserves a little sparkle, so why not start with a new pair of sassy high heels?

Let's dress up and celebrate....

Cheers my friends!!

I hope you made it into 2012 with a smile on your face!
Looking forward to continuing the Northern Light Blog; a small face lift is on the way, I hope you check back in and follow along! The Northern Light Blog can also be found on FB and Pinterest. Why don't you check out what is going on over there...? It's not always the same as on the blog, so "Like" Northern Light while you are there... or not, that's up to you :)


Images via Northern Light Blog on Pinterest


  1. Happy anniversary!! Beautiful images...all the best for 2012! xo

  2. Oh Natasha. Happy 2nd blogoversary to you, my faraway friend! That is mighty impressive. Keep on keeping on as it's just so beautiful here. J x

  3. Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary ;-)

  4. glitter + cupcakes + champagne always sounds good!

  5. Beautiful images...beautiful combination of
    patterns, glitter and colors. Beautiful.....

  6. Congratulations Natasha...well done!

  7. Grattis på 2 årsdagen! Jag ser framemot nästa två år. Kram


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