January 19, 2012

Wedding Shower Countdown

Just a few more days to the Wedding Shower...
Invitations have been sent, RSVP's have been received for the most part... (why is it that people do not have the courtesy to let you know if they will attend or not? Bad manners or simply forgetfulness??), flowers have been ordered, desserts planned, decorations almost done :)

Drinks will be poured, but the color theme will be a secret for now as the bride reads this blog from time to time (hi CR!).

I am looking forward to seeing it all come together! ... and to show you a few images as well :)


Images via Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. Looking forward to the photos :)

  2. These pics are gorgeous I love the blue & green together... can't wait to see them Natasha! Pip xx


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