June 2, 2012

Adoring this home!

If you didn't get the news yet... a brand new Adore Magazine is out, and BETTER than ever!! Chock full of super beautiful homes, and lots of shopping so you, too, can get in on all the beautiful accessories and artwork. This particular home is my favorite (in this issue of Adore) as it has such happy pops of color, eclectic collection of furniture, all the while keeping it light and beachy.

In my daily work it's not often I comes across a client who is this daring, willing to commit to purple.... But I, for one, totally love how this beach house is white, light and cheerful!! What do you say? Now, I know you will all be falling in love with the Hawaiian Hula Girl vintage poster, so I have sourced it for you (here)... you are welcome ;)  An other home in this issue belong to Mariska Meijers, who I was lucky to meet at an event in Miami a while back. She also has this really great purple chair in her living room.... Do I spy a trend?

Happy June!!


Images via Adore Home


  1. Me too! That home is gorgeous!

  2. These images make me want to introduce purple into my home immediately!

  3. It's not at the top of my list, but I know a lot of people who LOVE purple. Yes, it could be a trend!


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