June 24, 2012

Sunday Flowers

One of the things I love the most is shopping...
I know, I know it's a bit shallow, but hear me out. Please!

Now, I do not necessarily buy anything when I am out shopping, nor am I one of those people that come back 117 times to visit with what ever it is they plan to buy, before they actually buy...
I just LOVE to browse, window-shop, call it whatever you want. I truly enjoy scouting out the perfect lamp for a client, finding the perfect pillows for a sofa and so on. Sometimes it takes forever to find exactly what I am looking for, other times it is right there in front of me, and voila, no need to look any further! You know the feeling?

This week I was looking for a console table, kind of natural, not too deep, and with the perfect base. Found it! On sale! Thank you very much :)

However, since this is a Sunday Flowers post, I am sharing a shop photo I took at a local interior design shop, BUT the flowers and the foliage are all faux (ssshhhhhh, don't tell), but it looks great don't you think?


Image NHH for the Northern Light Blog (if you borrow, please link back)


  1. I do wish that wall wasn't white, but otherwise, I love the relaxed, fresh quality of that scene. Nothing wrong with faux greenery/flowers, done well!

  2. Love the green and white. So refreshing! Have a great week, Natasha.

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  4. I have lots of potted plants at home but I also use faux flowers! They are incredibly real and you don't have to throw them out! These are beautiful too and I love the mirror behind them!

    Have a lovely day, Natasha!



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