June 21, 2012

Watercolor love!

Today I met Dallas Shaw! Well, actually, not exactly "met" in person, but you know what I mean...

It's been a little while since I introduced you to The Everygirl here, and the site just keeps getting better and better. So much inspiration, so many go-getters and fashionable people to be introduced to and learn from :)

As you can tell from my logo and love of Black & White stripes, naturally I would pick this particular watercolor to lead the post... :) I am just in absolute LOVE with this casual, striped dress, the simplicity, the fullness of the maxi dress, everything!! I sooooooo wish I was able to make this original piece mine!

For those of you who are not familiar with Dallas, she is a 32 year old Fashion Illustrator with a super talent for capturing exactly what is going on in the fashion world, and translating that to the prettiest watercolor illustrations. She has amassed an impressive client list, ranging from Chanel to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, from Kate Spade to Jack Rogers, the list goes on...

I am almost sure you will be heading over here to check out her site, after seeing these images...

If you want to see more of Dallas' work, she pins some of her work to this Pinterest board, which I am already following :) But quite frankly, this girl has a TON of style, so check out the rest of her boards while you are there!


All Watercolors by Dallas Shaw, photographs via The Everygirl


  1. Hello Natasha, I found your blog through the everygirl. I really like your design aesthetic and yes..Dallas Shaw has great taste don't she? so talented.

    Anywhoo, I've added you to my daily reads on my blog :) http://ijinku.blogspot.com/


  2. Hi Natasha, I too found your blog through The Everygirl and have added you to my daily read list.

    1. Sounds great!
      Hope to be of some inspiration, love to get comments, so get ready to offer up your opinion :)

  3. You're right! I'll check the links you've given. Great! Find your blog very beautiful, I've become follower. Your second in a row, I see!
    Have a happy Friday!

    Love Lisanne lisannevandeklift.blogspot.com -
    For if you like to look at my blog ;-)


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