June 29, 2012

The Cheese Course

I met up with a friend for a lunch date the other day. We decided to meet at The Cheese Course, a super cute little specialty shop in town, where you can sit at a communal farmhouse table, but also individual tables... You can choose to sit outside, where is is nicely shaded and beautifully landscaped with large planters filled with bougainvillea, or sit inside where it is air conditioned, and also very fragrant :) ... part of the charm if you ask me!

I got there a little early, planning to have a quiet moment with a Latte, taking it all in! I had planned to take a few images of the shop to share with you, I hope you enjoy :)

The sheer abundance of cheese is mind boggling, this is just the Blue Cheese selection!!!

There is something for everyone! Complete with a wonderful wine selection and lots of accessories for you to create your own cheese table. Notice the cool Tolix chairs in the background, this little shop definitely has a European Flair. Not only is the shop full of Artisan Cheeses, but there are also many books on the subject, and the food they serve is fresh and wonderful - assuming you are into the whole cheese thing :)

I have always been a fan of mood boards, and this one with it's Cheese / Artisan / Organic Living theme is always worth a look as it is always evolving. (Sorry for the poor image quality, the board is in a high traffic area, and I was trying not to be in anyones way...)

... and my yummy lunch! Fresh organic greens, strawberries, pine nuts and fresh crumbled goat cheese. A few slices of fresh baguette and what mote can you ask for?

Enjoy your lunch today,

Images NHH for the Northern Light Blog (If you borrow, please link back)


  1. Lovely photos and your lunch looks amazing:)


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