June 27, 2012

Amazing Hands!

Ok, so how often do we come across handcrafted "anything" these days?? 
Not that often, right? 
Well, I came across these hand crafted, sleek, modern & meticulously made ceramics by Lawrence McRae, and I am soooooo wanting a piece!! Look at that lacework, and the yummy colors...
Not only is the Large Peony Vase something that I would actually use, but the Nairobi Blue looks amazing! I am envisioning this piece in a casual summerhouse setting, filled to the brim with fresh white blooms & lots of greenery. Perhaps on a wide plank, rustic dining table....

WOW, right? Yes, I know, I went a little overboard with the size of this bowl, but I just absolutely adore the color and the texture in the glaze, and figured you would appreciate it as well, was I right?? Every piece in the collection is hand done, every circle hand carved by the amazing hands of Lawrence McRae...

As an Interior Designer I am always (it seems) on the hunt for a beautiful lamp, something that it not mass-produced, and has a bit of character. In the McRae collection there are nine lamps to choose from, and many super pretty colors, I just happen to have chosen what would look amazing in my house ;) !!

Many of you may very well know the talented Jill Rosenwald? Well, as it turns out, she is Lawrence's wife (there is a LOT of press on her and her designs out there). Personally I am drawn to these pieces, finding the simplicity and delicate, yet graphic designs interesting & sculptural. I can truly appreciate the hand crafted look and the time it takes to make these pieces. 

If you want a closer look - and I am telling you that you DO :) - check out the Lawrence McRae website here

Go ahead, drool a little, or start a wish list!


All images via Lawrence McRae Website


  1. The colors are beautiful and it's a great design! Loving it!

    Love Lisanne

  2. Very stylish & elegant - loving the lamp!

  3. These are gorgeous Natasha! Such lovely colours too :)

    Abbey x


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