June 11, 2012

Sunday Flowers (On Monday)

Beside my sofa I have a white painted tray table, it holds a beautifully carved teak lamp
(one of my first purchases for our home, and while our style has evolved, I still can not give it up...)
but otherwise the display changes weekly.

This week a wonderful book (by Pottery Barn, no longer available) is on display, and a single rose
from this weeks bouquet... I love to match up an interesting book with my weekly flowers,
a trick picked up from my mother (hi P!).

In my travels I have picked up this pretty little bud vase in glass, it comes in so handy when a bloom has broken off a stem, or if it's a single flower. Anyone out there who "matches" their flowers, books & / or decor??
I have friends that like to tease me, that I am the only one who would take the time to do something like this, however... I find that it's the little touches that make me happy (!) and why not make your home beautiful?

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week :)


Images NHH for the Northern Light Blog


  1. It's making those vignettes that is so fun! Even if it is a flower in a budvase next to a favorite coordinating (or not) book. Takes a small amout and of time, and look, your friends notice!

  2. It looks beautiful...what a great idea!

  3. I think flowers make a room so much inviting. And I do try to match them with the rest of the vignette. But, as I usually use white flowers they are easier to match!

    Have a great day, Natasha!


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