June 12, 2012

Loving the texture!!

While I am not entirely sure Suzani's are still "it", I for one have never stopped loving them!! You?

This little image speaks to me in so many ways today... As you know, I am all about the white interior and would never say no to a white slipcovered "anything"!  :)
The stone fireplace grounds the space beautifully, and the warmth of the wood in the asian inspired chest keeps things casual, it's as if you almost don't see the big tv on the wall...

Oh, yeah, and the Suzani it's amazing, don't you think??
Get your throw here, these are the best :)


Image via Green Street Blog on Pinterest


  1. Thank you thank you thank you Natasha! Great minds think alike! :) xLouise

  2. Thanks for posting this picture!! THere are so many things I love about this space and you highlighted the one accessory that makes it - the suzani!! So great!!

  3. i love the console under the tv- so pretty, and you're right, you barely notice the tv!

  4. I´m in love with the pink blanket <3


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