January 10, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand... Vol.II

Here it is... the first new Lonny magazine of 2013, and quite frankly I am totally disappointed! For the first time ever I think... Hmmmmm, not impressed at all, but, that could just be me...?

I did a little write up a while back on Hudson Grace, and in this new Lonny you can find additional information, and a few new images...

Otherwise, I found the section called Black Beauty to be the most exciting page. The Black Dominos are super cool, and so are the Alexander Wang Black playing cards!

Sorry you guys, but don't let me deter you, check it out anyway, could just be that I "didn't get it", why don't you let me know what your thoughts were...?


Cover by Lonny

1 comment:

  1. How how disappointing - I have really got into these on-line magazines must go check it out & see if I can find anything of interest. I hope you enjoying the start of 2013 Natasha!



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