January 29, 2013

New on the Virtual Newsstand...

Yeah! A brand new House of Fifty has just hit the net... While this is their second pay-as-you-go issue, I didn't mind shelling out a  little green, to get some more color in my life :) 

There are some interesting people to meet this time; an Artist, an Interior Designer, and a Floral Designer with the MOST beautiful floral shop! Trust me, you will want to visit Quince!! The cooler for the flowers that her dad built is just so beautiful, I think they might just have a side business there :) Makes me want to have a cooler like this for my everyday fridge... Well, ok, that might be a little over the top!


Image via HOF


  1. Great blog. Gone through your entire blog in the last few days and love it. Pinned a few of your photos hope you don't mind. keep it up! Look forward to more postings.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa!! I am glad you like what you have seen, and by all means... pin away :)


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