January 6, 2013

Sunday Reading...

So, granted... I have been sitting on this post for a little while... well, actually truth be told; It's been a super busy holiday season, and I just have not had the time to actually read anything, but I did browse through this FAB e-book at the end of December. Only this weekend did I sit down and actually study the beautiful images and read about all the cool Danish homes...

If you were the lucky recipient of a new iPad this Christmas, this is the perfect e-book! Chock full of inspiring Scandinavian decor, photographed to perfection, you want to reach out and touch every detail... LOL!

While there is much to look at, three homes stood out to me. The many layers of texture in this all white interior home, I can only dream about!

Design classics are mixed with tribal feathers, fresh flowers and hide accessories. Travel trinkets from far away lands mixed in for interest, and personal art... does not get much better than this, love how personal this home is!!

... and a fresh pop of yellow and turquoise in the bathroom, mixing an old "weathered" Asian chest with sleek glass and stainless steel shower fixture, so cool! Exotic Harmony for sure.

This predominately black & white home is equally amazing, a home with much more "structure" but also full with personal style, travel moments and gigantic hunting trophies...

I am really liking the blond wood floors, reminds me of the apartment I lived in, in Copenhagen, and the restrained color pallet is so Scandinavian! Lots of art and beautifully designed electronics by B&O mix and mingle with Marcel Wanders dining chairs and table.

And the last spotlight is on Tine K, of Tine K Home. Tine & I "go way back" as I remember visiting her very first retail shop, north of Copenhagen, many, many years ago... What was then a small shop that enjoyed great publicity in the Danish design magazines, has now evolved to a huge - to the trade - accessory company, with showrooms around Europe, Facebook pages for different showrooms (Holland, Germany, Finland etc) along with Pinterest boards and a well oiled marketing department. One quick look around all the Scandinavian blogs, and may feature Tine K Home products...
Fun fact: The Tine K Home team follow the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest, shouldn't you?

I am sure some of you have seen this living room before, but I am still in love with the light, the white, the textures and the all around cozy, lived-in, feeling of Tine's home. To me, proof that a white home does not necessarily equal stark and cold...

Lots and lots of texture in this little image... patina, peeling paint, wood, ceramic, woven straw, glass, books and a few branches from the garden. LOVE it :)

A wonderful light filled bathroom, complete with exotic shells and star fish. If you have the room, why not make this room in your home more inviting?

This kitchen is huge and totally open to the living room and dining room, again... great textures ranging from the leather handles on the cabinets (Tine K Design), to the light fixture (Shade by Tine K Home, comes in different sizes and fabrics) etc, etc, etc... This girl "lives what she preaches"; clean lines, lots of white and many non-Danish accessories and accents. Tine Kjeldsen certainly has a wonderful eye for bringing the interesting everyday objects from the far east and mixing them in with the typical Scandinavian strict design and muted colors, warming up the feel and creating wonderful contrast and interest...

While there are homes and images you might recognize in this GEN.TWO New Style Generation book, there are plenty (!) of new images to drool over & great stories from the homeowners.

I say go for it! Download your copy here, but hurry.... GEN.THREE is already in the works :)
Happy reading!! Also, Style Generation has it's own FB page and website.


All images curtesy of Iben & Niels Ahlberg, Thank you!

Look what I found in the last pages of the book.... a little quote from moi!

How cool is that!! ... so if you missed my comments on GEN.ONE you can read them here.

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