December 20, 2010

Eight Holiday Post.

Nordic Christmas in the home of Danish Design couple Keld Mikkelsen and Marianne Brandi.

I totally love how the frames are layered, the silver and gold leaf show so beautiful against the soft grey walls!

Pulling in a little color from the pillows and the rug, the Christmas tree is decorated in softly hued purple and metallic bulbs. (Notice the beautiful stuccoed ceiling!)

The tall paneling is to die for!!!!

The Copenhagen apartment is dressed beautifully in warm winter colors, the blankets, the velvet fabric on the small wing back chairs, lots of pillows, lots of striped throw rugs.... looks like a fantastic space to spend cozy hours with friends and family!

In the master bedroom, a huge mirror takes advantage of the tall ceilings, beautifully spreading the natural light, and yet another display using metallic! All the little vases are from DAY Home, where Marianne Brandi is Head of Design.

I love how sparse this room is, even though it's a large room, it's not cluttered with furniture and "stuff"!

The Copenhagen apartment is "subdued Scandinavian naturals combined with international Bohemia",
as Marianne put it ...  As the creative person behind DAY Home, she has impeccable taste and it shows in her interior design as well!!
I am looking forward to sharing two other houses of theirs with you... stay tuned, as the images I have are not Christmas-y.. ;)

Have a wonderful week,


Image #1 & #3 DAY magazine, Image #2, #4 - #7 Living Etc.

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