December 16, 2010

Sixth Holiday Post.

Cozy summerhouse covered in snow... why keep the house empty during the winter months, if it can look this good during the Christmas season? As long as you can keep it warm....

Is this the coolest Charlie brown tree, ever??
I LOVE how this looks!! Very contemporary. Even with all the white, this living room reads very warm to me, of cause the roaring fire helps ;)


Ta - da! So simple and effective!!

Even in the dead of winter the natural light keeps the place bright, how cool are the high gloss floors and glossy ceiling?


Close up of the simple decorations, great mix of pine cones........

Would love to eat Christmas dinner with friends and family here, wouldn't you? Notice how the table picks up the other glossy surfaces with it's lacquered finish.


Why only decorate inside?

Have a cozy evening, stay warm!

Images via Bo Bedre

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