December 6, 2010

Second Holiday Post.


I guess I am on a Non-Traditional-Christmas-Color-Kick...... 
I am totally over the red and green thing going on, and totally in love with the pinks (no big surprise for those who know me!) as well as the citrus colors!! Just look how it lends a punch of color to an otherwise beautiful and cool pallet.

And here is a REALLY super cute idea for the holiday table!! Use left over ribbon for the "ties" and use what ever card stock you have laying around.... and if you do not have card stock, head to the paint supply store, pick up some paint chips, cut them into shape, and voila!! If you don't want to use the exact same color place cards, try picking up a bunch in similar colors, as above, it makes the table scape a little more interesting!!

Have a great week everyone!!


Images via MSL


  1. I adore the bright fun!!

  2. I love the pinks, gorgeous! The name cards are a fab idea that I'll be borrowing for my Christmas table, thanks.
    Suzy xxx


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