December 10, 2010

Meeting Mariska Meijers

Last Friday I drove 1 1/2 hour in rush hour traffic (no small task!), down to Miami for Art Basel (jam packed yearly art event). I had previously been invited to meet Mariska Meijers, but either she was in Europe, or I was, and we could not connect! Well, the friendly (and tall!) Eva from Interdecorations was hosting an art showing of Mariska's work, and I could NOT miss it again! Thank you Eva and Mariska, it was so much fun to finally connect, and thank you to Bobby Berk for your hospitality, it was a pleasure to meet you as well, comparing travel stories....
L to R: Eva Roepers, Natasha, Mariska Meijers, Daphne Plug

I was lucky to be out early, and was able to not only meet Mariska, but also have her tell me about what inspires her, how she works, what projects she has in the works... Turns out she was a banker in her "previous life" and also speak a small amount of Swedish, after living in Stockholm for a few years... Who knew? Mariska could not have been nicer, despite battling jet lag :) !!!! 

Mariska sitting pretty amongst her work at Bobby Berk home. 

Brightly colored art work and pillows are Mariska's trademark. There are several different fabrics for the pillow, and the workmanship is impeccable!!!

This is how I would hang Mariska's artwork, let it speak for itself!! - Don't you love the mixture of colors, with the Chinese wood console table?
I encourage you to play this You Tube video ( here), the "feeling good" music is fantastic side by side with Mariska Meijers work! You can also check out the MM website here, and if you need to know more this is the link to her colorful blog!
Image #1 - #3 via Eva's Interdecorations, Image #4 here

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  1. Thank you Natasha for featuring my work on your blog. Eva did a fabulous job together with Bobby Berk organizing it all. Was lovely to meet you and we will stay in touch! xox


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