February 8, 2011

Everybody loves a makeover!

So, what do you do if you have a house in an attractive location (The Hampton's), but it's in need of a major makeover.... Did I mention your budget is tiny?? Well, if you were so lucky (as these homeowners are) to have Eddie Ross as a friend, why not simply ask for help!!!!?

This 1960's ranch style house barely made it into the '70's... and got stuck! Eddie Ross and his team to the rescue!! No doubt about it, good bone structure helps, so does tons of white paint, and a good eye for spotting a fabulous deal on furniture. A fresh new pallet in white and pretty blues, with pops of color, Voila!

The only major renovation to the house was taking away the triangular part of the front window, streamlining the space. Tall white curtains keeps the space soft, while still letting in tons of light!! Infusing the room with a few natural elements (shells, sea grass rug, bamboo side table, wood coffee table, flowers) keeps it fresh, pretty and livable.

What before was an eyesore (believe you me!), now has become a focal point. The bookshelf on the back wall, has been dressed in new crisp white paint, with a wonderful soft blue on the back. Decorating the bookshelf with artifacts, photographs and books, Eddie was able to bring in a little interest to the room, drawing you in.... Don't you want to take a closer look? Well here is your chance; the entire room, as it was photographed for Country Living, below...

Click to enlarge and read article.

As you can see in the image (top right) this space was in need of SERIOUS help, and I just love how this all came together. As these images are not new and if you have seen them before, so be it, I have had them in my file for a while, and I must say I love what was done here, how it all came together, the final makeover was a total success in my eyes! Job well done, Eddie!

Aren't makeovers fun? Love before and afters, since we so easily forget what was, in our excitement of the new :)


Images via Country Living and Eddie Ross


  1. It's beautiful - I am all over that blue! Good to have friends in hight places...


  2. Thank you so much for your sweet post! It was such a fun project! xo Eddie


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