February 23, 2011

Queen of Ginger Jars...

I have always loved the Blue and White color combination, it's fresh and pretty! As many of you are aware, the Queen of Ginger Jars - Anna Spiro - use them in her store, in her house, in client's houses, for flowers, for display, for lamps and the list goes on and on...


So I figured I would share a few with you, hoping to bring a little inspiration you way!  
(OK, so I am aware that the image above is not a Ginger Jar, but it was so pretty I had to include it :)! )

Why just put the jars on a shelf, why not fill them with pretty flowers? Often at flea markets you can find versions that have lost their lids (and are inexpensive) pick them up anyway, and use them for flowers! Notice those little boxes on the tray? Pretty!

See what I mean? And Anna's trademark pink sneaks in everywhere....

I love this image of her new kitchen. The Blue and White is soooo great displayed all together, great impact!!

Black & Spiro window display, ginger jars used as lamps...  also, I LOVE the color of the big green ones on the floor!

The current window, just featured on Anna's blog Absolutely Beautiful Things, show not only lamps, but also a FAN.TAS.TIC fabric backdrop featuring the blue and white Ginger Jars.

And this is the image that started the whole thing for me; the white cabinet with the collection of Ginger Jars on top! In fact, after seeing this image a long time ago, I was inspired to start my own little collection.
Perhaps I will share tomorrow....

Do you have a Ginger Jar collection? How does the look fit your decorating style? Any tips for finding them??


All images via ABT


  1. I adore them too and just bought another the other day. Love your blog, I'm your latest follower :)

  2. I was never into the blue&white combination, but after this post I will be trawling fleamarkets - gorgeous.
    Thanks Natasha
    A xx


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