February 17, 2011

King's Treat!!

The Bahamas have been on my mind lately, wanting to make the short trip so bad.....
A friend of mine is getting married (Fall 2012), and since "the other half" is Bahamian, perhaps the event will take place there, but it has not been decided yet, guess what my vote would be!

Please join me for a little tour of King's Treat, an India Hicks property. All these directors chairs are lined up like soldiers, ready to welcome you, easy to pick up and move to where ever you would like to spend a little time....
You know I am good for a Black & White themed photo, don't you?


A newly renovated, simple kitchen. Sustainable surfaces, easy to maintain and finishes that will stand up to the sea air, which is an absolute must in Island Living!! (Pun intended!! ;) ) Love artwork in a kitchen, and why not bring in some of the foliage... It's all about indoor / outdoor living anyhow, right?

Doubling the living space; Wide porches surround the house, and lounge-y seating areas make for comfortable living! Keeping all the woodwork white and cool, keeps your senses calm; quiet textures and interesting shadow patterns!! Love the graphic lines of the floorboards, the siding on the house, the Bahamian shutters, the trellis and the ceiling. Perrrfect for drinks; It's five o'clock somewhere, right?

Can you feel the breeze?
Such a pretty space!!
I am envisioning flip-flops and bathing suits.

Breakfast is served!
Not a bad way to start the day.....

A small bedroom shows much bigger than it is... Beautiful mix of Caribbean decor, quiet luxury, fresh flowers and clean fluffy towels! Yes, please! ... Love all the frames with local birds!

Sit here to write your travel notes, your postcards or a blog post, perhaps??

This beautiful estate is named Kings Treat, it's on Kings Street in Dunmore Town on Harbour Island, Bahamas. It's owned by India Hicks, and along with several different properties it is yours to rent for a week or more here.

Day dreaming at it's best :)


Images via India Hicks


  1. Ahhhh, La Hicks, the Queen of Island Living.

    Thanks for sharing Natasha!

    Felicity x

  2. This home is soooo gorgeous! My vote would be Bahamas =) Xoxoxo

  3. Thank you for correcting my triva in today's post - apologies for that! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Absolutely stunning! Really love the chairs in the first to photos!

  5. Great pics. I need a holiday ASAP. ;)

  6. Hi Natasha - thanks for stopping by - lovely to meet a fellow dane, but on hotter and sunnier shores :)
    Adorable blog - have a lovely weekend.
    X A

  7. Hi Natasha! Lovely pictures...it definitely shows true island living! Harbour Island is a great romantic get away with your honey. And you can't forget the beautiful pink sand!

    Oh and my vote is still Bahamas.....but we'll see!

    Had the best time last weekend! xoxo

  8. Thank you so much for all your comments, hope you had a chance to enjoy a peek at the other properties as well....

    Christie.. loved spending time, glad you liked the post!


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