February 10, 2011

Everything pink...

Seems everything is PINK these days! Just got my subscriptions in the door the other day, and while stacking them on the coffee table, it became quite clear that all the editors were thinking Spring Pink...
NO complaints from me :)

Check it out, even Lucky with the beautiful Heidi Klum on the cover was in Spring Pink....

On a side note; LOVED the House Beautiful this month, and congrats to Margaret Russell for a job well done on Architectural Digest, love what you have done (call it a face-lift or call it a renovation)! ... I SO enjoyed the lazy time spent reading these glossy mag's!!!

Which was your favorite??


Images NHH for Northern Light Blog


  1. I just read the House Beautiful and it was delicious!
    And I was on an anti pink mission...lol.
    Pink wins 1-0!
    That red and white room with faded cabana striped couches also made me fall in love with red and white also!

  2. The "HOUSE BEAUTIFUL" is amazing, I just bought it yesterday, pink is fine with me! Happy weekend to you :) Xoxoxo


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