February 2, 2011

A beautiful space!

While this first image lets you believe you will be entering another Black & White space.... that is not so!

Converted from an old industrial space in Marseilles, France, there is nothing industrial about the space now, except from perhaps the polished concrete floors, come take a look....

Floor to ceiling windows and doors open up to the patio area.  All the glass lets in tons of light and also lets you enjoy the beautiful bougainvillea's and the tropical landscaped courtyard. Imagine sitting on this huge white couch..... the view below is what you see while day-dreaming :) !  Sign me up!!

I love not only the tropical foliage, but also that the polished concrete has been use as a surround on the pool, keeping the feel of the space very chic and cool! Black lounge rattan furniture also keeps the feeling calm, as they almost disappear from view....

A corner of the patio has been converted to this covered lounge area, complete with low built-ins, wicker lamp and a dining area. A lazy afternoon spent here sounds soooo good, or a late night dinner in the tropical air, even better!!
(Speaking of critters a few posts back; notice the huge grasshopper on the coffee table..)


Simple and chic with a punch of color....
Cool way of using the wall of the bathroom as a headboard. BUT, since it's clad in mosaic tile, I'm not sure if I would feel like I was sleeping in the bathroom?.... Literally!

Ending on a cool note, wouldn't you love a dip in this pool....

Notice the outdoor dining space, great long table with room for lots of guests, or a really big family dinner. If you look closely, notice that the table is the same as in the image above, but the chairs and the lighting fixtures are different! Which one do you like better? I think the low black chairs would be my choice, but I do like the contrast these provide, which is probably why it was styled different in the first place.... 
Have a refreshing day :) !

UPDATE: As Anna from Design Traveller so accurately pointed out to me, I forgot to mention (shame on me!) that it was through her lead that I found these images... Sorry Anna, thanks for the heads up!!


Images via Vaart Nya Hem


  1. I dream of a lap pool like that. What a beautiful home and garden. I have to say, I love the pop of orange!

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful home. Love the outdoor areas and the oversized cane shades too (-:

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