February 6, 2011

Travel Dreams!!

Look what I found while running errands on Saturday! The most spectacular book by Pauline van Lynden. After traveling the the region of India for 15 (!) years, believe you me, Pauline is sharing images that are not to be believed!!!

I have not yet begun to read the book, but can hardly wait, have you read it??
Oh, and I also picked up these pretty flowers at the market...

One of the many FANTASTIC images in the book; a man with traditional "headgear".

I guess both Gloria Vanderbilt and Diane Vreeland were right in saying; "Pink is the Black (GV) / Navy Blue (DV) of India"... It does not get much more vibrant than this!!

On a little paler note... tinted plasterwork at it's best!!

Just in time for Valentines Day, I see no better gift for the Design Blogger out there, and of course, who wouldn't want to read about such an exotic place?
You can get your copy of the book here. There are even colorful images of a few more pages from the book. Enjoy!


PS. This is what was going on "behind the scenes" as I am trying to take the images above.. As cats do best, they need to sit ON TOP of what you are working on... ;)

Image #1 & #2 (& #6) NHH for Northern Light Blog, Image #3 - 5 Photo of pages in RaJasthan/Assouline book

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  1. hi Natasha i couldnt sleep so what a lovely surprise yes its looks a great book no doubt lots of jewelry and PINK woww buona notte fay xx


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