May 27, 2011

Blue Lady

Some of you may recognize this Blue Lady from the home of Anna Spiro. She recently featured an image from her bedroom, the post was about curtains, but what really struck me, was this artwork. I love the color, and the mix of this piece alongside the ornate, gilded mirror on the opposite side.

What's your take? Love, like or not so much??


Image via ABT


  1. yup LOVE it - but it's something that is right up my ally ..

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Love it too .....I can't help it but it reminds me of 'Avatar'

  3. Hi Natasha, this painting is by well-known Australian artist, David Bromley. It's from his series of nudes that he's quite famous for. Just in case you were wondering! Have a great weekend, K xx

  4. Thank you, Kerri!
    See... I knew you would know that :)!!

    i have seen his paintings pop up from time to time, but I was unaware of he artists name, that is until now!


  5. Hi Natasha, thanks for visiting my blog (Cush & Nooks). Yes, I love love love David Bromley's nude series. He has painted a whole lot of women, but this is Charlotte, and she is my favourite.

  6. I've done that with other bloggers posts before..... they're post is supposed to be about something else but I'm more interested in the.... whatever has grabbed my attention. The only problem with that is that it usually means there isn't a link for it...........

    David Bromley is also one of my favourite artists.
    He's multitalented; he is also a sculptor and photographer.

    So much to admire!


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