May 4, 2011

I need your help....

This morning I read this post by my blog-friend Nellie McCarthy.

Words are not enough to express how sad I have been for her and her family all day, there are just absolutely no words that can "make it better"...

One of the most surprising things I have come to learn about the blogging community is how friendly, supportive and full of encouragement you all are... please, pass on your thoughts and prayers for Nellie and her family! Take a minute in your busy day, light a candle for her and send her a message of support!
I greatly appreciate your effort and time.


Image via Glassybaby


  1. What a sad story, it brought a tear to my eye and I will definitely be lighting a candle for that precious little boy. So so sad xx

  2. That is heartbreaking.I will light a candle too.

  3. How horrible for her and her family. I am so sad for her. I sent her a message and said a prayer.

  4. Thank you to all of you who have been reading this post & who have left a comment, all of you who have said a few sillent words, and to all of you who lit a candle.....

    We are all thinking of you Niellie!


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