May 31, 2011

Picture Perfect!

This art wall remind me of an art wall in the Flag Ship Store of Malene Birger in Copenhagen. She also uses this type of revolving art display in her home, as seen here in a previous Northern Light Blog post.

I am liking the shiny, cool Sputnik light fixture paired with the warmth of the dark wood table!

Do you prefer art walls on ledges, like here, or the art work actually hung on the wall in a collage?


Image via Screaming Lobster on tumblr.


  1. Hi there Natasha!
    I´m in the middle of a home art gallery project like this and the image you are showing makes my heart beat so fast this morning:)!
    I love art put on ledges like this but also when they are put on the wall. The ledges makes it so much more flexible though!Thank you so much for this great inspiration!!!

  2. I really like the look of these black and white prints. I don't have a preference for how they're displayed, leaning, layered, hanging ... love it all!

    Suzy xxx


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