May 4, 2011

Pillow Talk

I came across this beautiful bedroom this morning, on my morning blog-tour....
What first grabbed my attention was the soothing colors, then after further studying the image, I noticed that the wallpaper and pillow fabric (by Nina Cambell) is the same. I love that the headboard fabric is a bit more satuated. The gourd style lamp base is also in the color family, as well as the floor covering. The styling is impeccable, notice the back of the books in the nightstand! Pillow fabric and wallpaper available here

Would you cover the walls and the bedding in the same fabric? A little much, or?
To me... it's just perfect, especially because it has been broken up by all the white, as well as the natural wood.


Image via Toby Fairley


  1. What a beautiful bedroom! Love how the print on the wall and linens works with the solid headborad.

    Simply gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous room! Xoxoxo

  3. I hope I will be able to make a perfect room like this one day... I am learning a lot in the blog world thoug. But I think my style is more Asian in the color scheem.


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