May 13, 2011

Really.... ?

OK, so I don't really want to be negative, BUT.... my "New Blog Love" - post from yesterday is completely gone.... comments and all, I AM NOT HAPPY!

I will rebuild :), but it might be a little while, in the meantime I leave you with a wonderful image from the home of Tine K, as a little teaser for all of you who didn't see yesterdays post.

Hope you have a wonderful start to the weekend, TGIF!!




  1. I know. Everyone's last post got deleted. Sucky huh?! On a positive note...that room is perfection!

  2. I love TineK's home. Just beautiful. I will be checking back about the deleted post. Sounds like it will be right up my alley. Love looking through your previous posts too. Leahxx

  3. Got to love reliable computers! This photo is to die for can't wait to see the rest of the post! xx


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