May 21, 2011

It's the Weekend...

I first "grabbed" this image because of the Chinese Brush...

I have a few of them; one I picked up here in the states (from an Asian furniture store), a few in Denmark, and a few in Hong Kong. My latest acquisition was from a local interior design store, the handle is clear quartz, and it's just beautiful!! I love the carved handles, and also the simple beauty of the stone used.

Are they passe in the decorating world, (I don't know) but mine are often on display... :)

Secondly... the black and white drawing in the background remind me of Oscar!
My parent's dog. HI!!
Thirdly... (is that a word?) the small watercolor of the feathers... My mom often brings in feathers from her walks in the countryside. Sometimes it's a pheasant feather, sometimes it is a small vibrant feather :)

Hmmm.... It's the weekend, what will you be doing? I am having my best friend over, we are cooking for other friends, I am sure it will be fun!!
She is even sharing her secrete Lasagna recipe with me!! Ssshhhhh!


Image unknown


  1. Great image, Natasha! Have a wonderful wknd! xo

  2. I hope you had a great weekend with your friends and enjoyed your dinner!
    E + J


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