May 7, 2011

Story Boards (just for fun)

... have you ever noticed what cool "story boards" your LinkWithin - link pulls up on your blog??

I was looking through some old posts of mine the other day, and continuously came across cool combos, so I got inspired to take a few shots of them, to share....


White & Bright

Words of Wisdom

 Malene Birger

It's the Weekend...

Royal Touch 


House Love

Purple Reign

Flower Power

Hall of Fame

 Wedding Day
Texture Snapshot

Island Living

I'm sorry... I got a little carried away, can you tell? ;)
Do you have a favorite??

Take a look at "yours", it's fun!
If you want to, you can email me your favorite, and I'll do a little post on all OUR favorites!
Can't wait to see what you send me!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


For photo credits: Refer to each post, please.


  1. Hi Natasha,
    What a clever and unique post! My favourite from the ones above? It's a toss up between 'It's the weekend' and 'Celebrate', love the vignettes and the red and turquoise colour combination!

  2. Hi Salene!
    I - clearly - had a difficult time picking a few.... my favorite is actually the one furthest away from "my colors", and I will have to say Celebrate as well!

    Will you be sending me one from your blog?

  3. first of all, you have some gorgeous posts! secondly, when i let my eye just lazily scroll down the page, i found myself stopping quite a bit at the texture, weekend and celebrate. my eye kept telling my hand, "click here!!" there's just too much good stuff here, natasha.


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