May 15, 2011

Itsy, bitsy...

... something about a polka dot bikini.... :) (Only this is a chair dressed in polka dots)

I have had this image in my files for a little while, not entirely sure where it came from, Canadian House & Home, perhaps?
I think it is a great "follow up" to my last post, as I kinda see them in a similar light.

It is a good example of how to combine new with old, different styles, different patterns and making it all work with a confined color pallet. This little nook is so bright and cheerful, but really, there is not much to it if you look closely!! A bench, a chair, a table, a light fixture and a mirror... OK, so there is probably a fantastic view just beyond, and the natural light is also pretty great :)

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


Image source unknown, sorry!


  1. Ooook, love @ first sight with the table! :) Want it <3 Hope you'll have a wonderful start of week, too! I'm already enjoying my work-free monday :) yay. One happy girl. Xoxo

    - Urska @


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