December 24, 2011

Christmas blooms..

In my travels today, I came upon these beautiful and delicate images of Christmas roses (at least that's what I think they are called). The image above is coming to you via Seventeendoors , a blog I love to visit for a little Scandinavian flair, and a big supporter of the Northern Light Blog. (for which I am grateful!)

This second image via Annixen on Pinterest, but also a great Scandinavian read :)  LOVE the delicate and fragile feel of the new blooms!
So fresh and with a promise of spring.... well, maybe that's a little early!

This last dark and GORGEOUS Julerose is so awesome!!!
I imagine this image blown up and hung as artwork in an all white home, to create a little depth and interest. Very cool treatment with the raw twine around the roots...

See, not everything at Christmas time need be evergreens :)

Image #3 via IKEA

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  1. Thanx for the sweet words! I would not mind a Christmas among palm trees.. Lucky you!
    Merry X-mas to you and your family! :)


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